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Everything We Need


     C      AM          F           C

A baby’s born I can hear her cry

      G         D           A        D

The mother pulls her to her side

       C             AM           F       C

She draws the babe close to her breast

G              D                A     D

Where she finds sweet sustenance

         AM               E                    A

She is safe and has everything she needs


     C     AM              F          C

A boy is growing but not too fast

       G        D        A         D

He’s sitting on his father’s lap

      C         AM           F         C

His daddy’s hands are big and strong

      G            D      A          D

Will hold him tight all night long

        AM               E                  A

He is safe and has everything he needs


       C          AM        F           C

Two teenage kids not far from home

G          D          A       D

Venture into the great unknown

        C                AM        F         C

They pledge their love one stormy night

        G             D        A          D

They don’t look back it all feels right

             AM                       E                     A     

They are sure they’ve found everything they need


C               AM            F            C

Rings were given each said their part

      G               D              A         D

And big dreams filled their hopeful hearts

C                AM            F        C

Careers, two cars, some kids, a home

    G             D              A          D

If they could have them for their own

        AM                    E                     A

Then they would have everything they need


C          AM    F           C

One by one it came to pass

G       D       A         D

Luxuries fell in their lap

        C          AM               F          C

They weren’t content, they wanted more

        G          D            A        D

And set their sights on distant shores

             AM                    E                     A

Thinking there they’d find everything they need


       C           AM       F          C

They traveled far and traveled wide

        G           D              A      D

And journeyed across the great divide

C          AM         F         C

Only to find their pot of gold

G                D              A          D

Was buried ‘neath their humble home

          AM                 E                        A

It was there they had everything they’d need


C                  AM         F              C

Years flashed by in the blink of an eye

         G            D            A             D

They learned to laugh and learned to cry

        C          AM       F               C

And letting go of the things they owned

        G             D     A           D

They found the King upon His throne

           AM            E                    A

And He said, I have everything you need


        C             AM          F            C

Their eyes grew dim then closed to rest

G             D        A                D

No strong hands, no mother’s breast

        C             AM       F              C

And when they opened they could see

      G         D   A     D

The far side of eternity

   AM                  E                     A

At last, they have everything they need

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