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The Angels They Are Singing


C                                  F

Where is this peace once promised

C                           G

And goodwill on the earth

C                 F

It’s lying in a manger

    G       G7          C

A most unusual birth


C                                F

A stench was all around Him

C                            G

But a glow upon His face

C                                 F

For He came down from heaven

     G          G7       C

To save the human race


B7                               E

And the angels they are singing

B7                             E

An anthem strong and sweet

B7                                         E

And the shepherds left the cold field

     AM          E    A

To worship at His feet


C                                 F

A star shone high above them

C                     G

It was a guiding light

C                            F

That some wise men followed

       G     G7            C

On that most sacred night

C                               F

They learned it from the prophets

C                                 G

Those renowned men of old

C                                   F

They brought to him their treasures

    G         G7                C

Myrrh, frankincence and gold


B7                               E

And the angels they are singing

B7                    E

A chorus for the blest

B7                                    E

For peace rained down from heaven

         AM    E       A

God’s favor on us rests

C                                            F

Though the world be filled with darkness

C                       G

A light yet shines above

C                                F

That wise men still can follow

    G           G7          C

To find the source of love

C                             F

Jesus, the peace once promised

C                                  G

Was God's plan from the start

C                       F

He was born in a manger

   G        G7            C

But lives within our hearts

B7                               E

And the angels they are singing

B7                     E

In their heavenly home

B7                        E

Glory to God in the highest

          AM   E            A

To the King upon His throne

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